Thursday, February 28, 2008

FYRoM in EU: Is it necessary?

Dear FYRoM friends,
Joining EU means :
1. Solving political issues with other members (I think you have an issue with Greece, and you are going to have another one with Albania, if they join first, which is very possible)
2. Accept existing borders (forget Pirin and Aegean)
3. Accept geographic terminology of other member countries, when it concerns their territory (which means that your citizens that fled Greece after 1949, will have on their ID cards and passports bithplaces like Kastoria, Florina,Kilkis, Thessaloniki and not non officially existing places like Kostur, Lerin, Kukuts, Solun etc). This act will give them as well the right to ask for a greek passport, if they want.

But if only these 3 terms are fullfilled, and Albania joins the EU, I think that there is no need for your country to enter EU, because all of you will get a second nationality ( Bulgarian, Albanian or Greek) that will give you the benefits of an EU passport. Then I guess FYROM remanining enclaved but outside EU as a tax-paradise, will be of high benefit for its residents, but also for citizens of surrounding countries! And it will become Swiss in a way!

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