Thursday, February 28, 2008

Η αποψη μου για το Κοσοσβο και τις συνεπειες που μπορει να εχει στην περιοχη

First I would like to express my wishes for a good and happy future to Kosovo and the people living there. They have suffered a lot, they deserve a peaceful future.Although we have to admit that this is a new situation, at least in Europe, where for the first time a part of a country with recognised borders declares independance and is recognised by the international community (before we had either demolition of empires, independance of colonies of separations of federations), we have also to see the reality of a large population of 2.000.000, 90% nationally homogenous, and a de facto separation unter UN control for more than 10 years.I don'd agree with fears expressed here in Greece, that the Kosovo case can be repeated in Northern Cyprus. There is a basic difference - neither albanian nor any other foreign army entered ever Kosovo, while in Cyprus the separation line was set by a foreign army (no matter if you call them invadors or protectors ) and was followed of 200.000 refugies quiting their homes. If turkish army withdraws, and after that, the two communities settle border line, property and installation issues, and decide to separate, its their free will, let them do it!I don't also agree that the independance of Kosovo creates a risk for FYRoM. In Kosovo albanians gained the international support because of the oppresion of the Milosevic regime - so their revolution was justified (many people today forget the personality of Rugova, and the sympathy effect he created in the international public opinion). FYRoM has recognised the constitutional rights of their citizens of albanian nationality, and as long as they respect them, separationist ideas from the albanians of FYRoM will not get the international support.I also don't take seriously all this discussion about Great Albania (as well as United Macedonia, Bulgaria of the 2 seas, and Greece taking back Constantinoupolis or Vorios Ipiros). There will always be people printing old maps and dreaming of the past or of liberating ensclaved brothers, but unfortunatelly for them, these brothers either exist in their fantasy or are small minorities in their countries, living mixed with the local majorities. On the other hand, I cannot see why the Serbs don't have the right to use the Kosovo case in order for Republica Srbska to declare independance from Bosnia - after all they are already a federal state. Of course this is a two-side knife, because in order to use the example of Kosovo, they have to recognise it as a de facto reality. And if it is real that in the northern part of Kosovo lives a massive almost homogenous population of 100.000 serbs, I believe that Kosovo could exchange some square kilometers habitated by a non-friendly population with regognition and quick normalisation of relations with Serbia, because when the war is over, we have to continue living next door to our neighbours.

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